This is the latest version of the Integra. You could say I took it back to its roots. In 2002, I imported the front end from Japan. With the help of a few friends, we cut out the American front end and grafted on the Japanese one. For 2008 I have another semi built b16 setup with a Precision SC61 that will run on E85.



Some shots from various photo shoots. My Teggy was RacingSouthWest.com's garage ride of the month for march 06. It was picked out of 6000+ members.



Here is a video I put together in 2006.



Some shots Ken's Kustom Chassis 6 Point Chromoly Rollcage I put in. Big Thanks to Chainbreaker for tig welding it for me.



These are the first JDM front end converted Integra's in Albuquerque.



This is my engine setup for 2009. Its a piston rod b16 with a pnp built head on a sc61. It put down 577hp 405tq on 28psi.



I achieved a best et of 11.92 @ 119 mph with a 1.8 60ft on slicks in 2007.



Some shots of my crank case breather system. I relocated the battery in front of the driverside front tire.



For 2007 I have upgrade the Innovative Turbo Systems SH50 (rated at 450hp) for a larger Precision SC6152e (rated at 630hp). I then popped the turbo (pretty sure it was a problem with the oil return line) and I tryed a Cummins H1C until I could get this beauty. The SC6152SP.



I finally killed the cheapo manifold and got a Neukin Ramhorn Manifold. I got the turbo v banded and picked up a tial bov. The dsm couldn't hold boost past 24ish psi.



2007 I picked up a motor that already had a block guard in it but had dropped some valves. I went 20 over and put in some Wiesco Pistons, Eagle Rods & ARP Head Studs. After much research I have also created a catch can and ventilation system that will also see vacuum at full boost. There are 3 fittings on the back of the motor and 3 in the valve cover. The picture of the slash cut tube in the wastegate dump is what will pull vacuum in the motor once the wastegate opens. I also got some new Brembo brake rotors because I cooked the last pair. Along with the rotors I will be putting Axis pads (thats the new 1 bar spring for the wastegate with them.) The last picture I have a copper tube that will Purge N20 or CO2 on to the intercooler.



Here it is sitting pretty at my folks house.



In 2005 I have upgrade from the Hondata s200 to the S300 and a Innovate LC1 so I am tuning now. I Upgraded the ignition system so it can handle more boost. I got a new air filter, some oil gauges, and MT slicks on super lite lenso 13's.



The 2004 Super Nationals in Albuquerque, NM was a indoor 3 day long car show. About 200 cars showed up. There was some tough competition and I ended up winning 3rd place in the wild sportcompact class.



January 2004 edition of Super Street my Integra got some coverage from their Super Street Tour to Nopi Nationals.



This is at 2003 NOPI Nationals in Atlanta Motor Speedway, Atlanta Georgia. NOPI is one of, if not the largest car shows in America. My car was one of 6000 cars shown. The show was 2 days long and I don't think I saw half of what was there.



2004 I competed in 3 events and took 1st in the Speed Dreams Import Challenge. I also took 2nd place in the Southwest Speed Street Car Series.



Some interior shots. I have a black interior now. This is a Honda of japan air bag tray. I made the fiberglass truck and plexi light plate.



And just for fun this is what the car looked like after I first got it back in 1999.